The Memoirs of Renny Conchobair

The Hunt Journal

11th Year, 5th Moon, 30th Day: Realm: Hibernia
Warmth in Midgard

It was only a few days since I traveled back to Midgard before I began slaughtering Norsemen again. The few days I spent in Hibernia secretly meeting with Clioe, Sinthea, Uan, and Giainny were much needed. My mind is much clearer now and my heart rests at ease that everyone at home is still well.

I sometime lay at night and wonder. Will ever be able to return to Hibernia again? Has love for Elyzaria banished me from my home land. The cold of Midgard has replaced the sun and warmth of Hibernia. I am trapped in an Ice dungeon while my friends and family grow old.

Not all is evil here though. The wolves keep me company and I bring them rabbits occasionally. They have welcomed me into their den and often times protect me.

Over the past 3 days I have killed 21 Norsemen, one which included the famed Stormur Vakten named Elekor Dragonhime wearing the Mayhem banner. In the fight which handed Elekor her end was one in which I had to use a bit of creativity. There were 3 Norse hunting the Crabs that night. Targonne, Kaark, and Elekor. Karrk was a Thane and could easily take me out if I fell under Elekor's stunning ability. I knew the only option I had was to split them up. I waited till Kaark was out of sight of the other two. He fought a crab and as he fought i quickly swept in slitting his throat and escaping to the east. I returned for the healer. She was resting to regenerate her strength so she could resurrect the thane I had just killed. I swept in and attacked. I figured with he low on power I might have a chance. I attacked with every bit of strength I had. Stun after Stun attempt failed. It was like the Gods prevented them from taking hold. I killed her and turned to the now quivering Targonne. He cast one spell on me which gave me a tiny scratch on my arm. I looked at him curiously then ran over to him and beat him with my staff until his blood covered the hill of the crabs. That was the 4th, 3 member party I killed in the past 2 days. I sense that the warmth of spring will bring more Norse to the frontier. I shall be waiting.


Baneborne (2), Elekor (1), Glaretheon (1), Grotte (2), Kaark (1), Mikaja (1), Nalkor (1), Oehn (1), Pharbella (1), Rataco (3), Targonne (1), Useethius (2), Vantaage (1), Vorador (1), Waije (1)

11th Year, 5th Moon, 26th Day: Realm: Hibernia
The Kings Desperation

I have been away for many moons. The king has placed a rather hefty bounty of 5 platinum pieces on my head, which has inspired the Siabra & the Far Dorocha to actively hunt me. I have been in hiding these past few weeks. Traveling all corners of the Midgard frontier. I spend some time with my dearest Elyzaria a few days back and told her of my situation. Her Gaelic is improving rather quickly. I'm amazed each time I see her as to the new words she has learned. I have slain a handful of Norsemen in my time away, though my book of names has been lost. Guess this just means I'll have to slay them again.

I am a bit fearful of what the King will do next. These bounties are getting large and rather ineffective. Avoiding guards and the local thugs is getting tiring. I just wonder what drastic measures the king will take. When I was a small boy my mother always told me that love would make you do things you never imagined. I never expected being hunted by my own countrymen. I'm not even sure whom I can trust any more.

I hear of the wonderful tales told at the log night, and my heart aches that I cannot be there. It is too risky for me to venture that close to Tir na nOg. Clioe and Sinthea send me the best parts and it keeps me entertained during these long cold nights but what would I give to be able to actually sit there in the warmth of Hibernia, drinking a nice stout, and laughing the night away. I can just picture Fiti telling one of her marvelous tales, gripping each and every member of the audience, or O'Muley sharing another adventure. I find it interesting that while my life is threatened day in and day out I do not fear death, I battle the harshest Norse winter yet I do not fear, I travel a thousand leagues yet I do not fear, I challenge the toughest warriors… and yet I do not fear, but the thought of never being able to return home again instills fear in my heart.

I have returned to Hibernia to document my journey. Should anything happen to me I have left a note for the children of Failte instructing them to the whereabouts of this here journal. It is time for me to go the guard rotation is almost complete.


Alexios (1), Fuelose (1), Graech (1), Otello (1)

11th Year, 4th Moon, 24th Day: Realm: Hibernia
Winter in Midgard

The eternal winter that befalls Midgard gave no relief this past week. The harsh winds and snow stormed the hillsides making it difficult to track any Norse through the harsh climate. I made camp near the Norse keep Fensalir Faste, as it was close proximity to Dodins Grove and Svasud Faste. I spent several nights here battling the frigid winds from the west.

During my stay I managed to lay to rest seven Norse militia. One Troll Shaman named Ethaleth was a difficult hunt. I caught sight of the troll leaving Svasud Faste. By the bars on their shoulder, and the glimmering artifacts they carried, I knew they were much more experienced than I. I knew if I was to stand a chance I would have to wait for the most opportune moment.

I watched as they west quickly disappearing into the harsh snow. I lost sight of them but knew only one place that someone as highly skilled as that troll shaman would head alone... Dodens Grove. I made my way to the Grove and found the very same shaman sitting catching their breath and warming by a small fire. I crept up behind it, drew my blades and began slicing at the throat of the troll. Blood painted the walls as I cut deep into the troll. It swung at me 3 times missing every swing. By the 3rd swing the troll fell. I collected its head and returned to Hibernia to place it with my collection.

After resting a day I made my way into Darkness Falls to explore a bit. I managed to slay a few Norse in training before being sent home by the formidable shadowblade Songa.

I ended my week near my home town as I paid tribute to my family. I picked some more flowers and placed them in my bag and began heading to the main land again when I noticed a large scale fight going on at the Albion Mile Wall. The Norse and Hibernian's battled it out with every last breath. I noticed one Kobold Hunter named Kizo attempting to sneak away and attacked him. He was much more skilled than I but, I managed to slay him with a little help from a firbolg. I was given his head as token of my bravery in the battle and was complimented on my swordplay. At this point I felt enough blood had been shed for one weak so I set forth on my journey to our meeting place, in Fanach Mala.


Ethaleth (1), Groiltigh (3), Kizo (1), Malcie (1), Mindalis (2), Tallya (1), Thyndra (1)

11th Year, 4th Moon, 15th Day: Realm: Hibernia
Into The Depths

A courier brought to my attention that there was an haunted underground passage which lead to the land of Midgard. He said that I would surely find some Norse wandering the entrance to this dwelling. I set forth on my first venture to this haunted passageway named by locals as Darkness Falls. I followed a warband of Hibernians to the strange portal that would send me to Midgard. I waited. Night fell and the nurse watch began flooding the corridors. I had many fierce battles and lay to rest 7 Norsemen before I left. My adventure was quite fascinating and I will indeed further explore this realm of spirits and the damned.


Cenewulf (1), Gronat (1), Kerenski (1), Krator (1), Laseeen (1), Myrist (2)

11th Year, 4th Moon, 9th Day: Realm: Hibernia
The Wolves of Midgard

Its been nearly a month since my last slaying, I have been working on improving my skills while still taking trips to Midgard on a regular basis. Ive learned many of the popular hunting groups... many of which show evidence of death in the recent past. The wolves of Midgard have grown fond of me. Perhaps it is the Spraggon meat I bring over from Hibernia for them the develops the kinship between us. Regardless the companionship of the wolves is quite useful in this new land. I figure the longer I stay in Midgard the less likely the Sentinals will see though my disguise. I do miss Elyzaria though. Im sure she is progressing in her studies. Well I must make haste the Sentinals are walking this way.



11th Year, 3rd Moon, 23rd Day: Realm: Hibernia
The Mother Wolf

A cold wind welcomed me to the land Midgard. It was my first venture to Midgard and I decided I would seek out blood on Midgard soil while exploring their land for every nook and cranny.

I traveled several hours hiding from the Norse patrols and the occasional war party. I ran across a bunch of Albion that made no effort to find me after I cheered for them and waved as they sped past me. I made my way to both of their Great Walls protecting their borders from invaders then began my search for unsuspecting soldiers roaming about.

I came to a quiet place where the wolves sang and lizards roamed. It was near the triple log that I met my first friend in Midgard. She was a beautiful wolf who was out hunting for food for her cubs just a ways uphill. You could hear their tiny howls and it reminded me a lot of the times I spent with the wolves in Hibernia. She approached and sniffed my armor and then my bag. I pulled out of my bag a small piece of meet I had planned on cooking this night and gave it to her. But she did not take it. She became very nervous and became spooked by something. I quickly hid behind a tree. A troll and kobold came running up the path. They ran towards the Wolves den and the mother wolf growled at them with such anger. They attacked the wolf and killed her. The cries of her children filled my heart and the blood in my veins began to boil. I watched them carefully as they continued slaying anything breathing they could find. Laughing... Taunting... and worst of all, trophy collecting.

I could not take it any more. I snuck in on the kobold, pulled my knife out, and cut her neck from ear to ear spewing blood onto her Troll friend. I then thrust my blade into trolls heart killing him instantly. I then dropped my flowers on their bodies and carried the mother wolf to her den. I took the cubs with me to another area where they would be safe. Another mother wolf took them into her den. It was with great sorrow that I had to say goodbye.

I was continuing my search when I caught wind of a very familiar scent. I followed it to the Albion gate and there standing in blue leaning up against the wall smiling was Lady Elyzaria. We to each other and embraced each other for what seemed an eternity. She spoke to me in Gaelic telling me she knew she would find me here. We spent the evening killing trolls and exploring the land. It quite nice to see her again.


Gnyra (1), Vurakan (1)

11th Year, 3rd Moon, 21st Day: Realm: Hibernia
Farewell Caledonia!

Well today is the day the Mages deem necessary to push me forward with my hunt. It seems they feel I am to skilled for Caledonia. Tonight I celebrate my graduation with my sister Uan at the Pub in Ardee. She will be glad to hear I have completed my training. I intend on training my skills a bit more, and I do hope I can see Elyzaria on the other side of Ligen or perhaps I will sneak away to Albion to see her. Regardless meeting up with her will be my first priority. I will miss my days in Caledonia and always hold Carcer, Kaliel, Keroh, Elyzaria, Delphron, Tomi, Lilipad, Posy, Lanbridge, and Shorin dear to my heart.

On my final days I claimed the lives of 19 Midgards. The fights were often times very rough and I made a lot of trips through the Otherworld. The new outcropping of Hibernian's entering the battleground was less than pleasing. Reminded me a lot of the crowd at the Battle of Thidranki. It is indeed sad when I can trust an Albion more than my own countryman. For the next 4 to 6 moons I will be traveling abroad to Midgard. I plan to locate every traveling pattern and camping location as well as every safe zone for when I decide to rest.

I am very anxious to go hunt again. I feel my destiny nearing. As I drink tonight I shall say a toast to all of my newfound friends still fighting the good fight in Caledonia. May the wind be at their back and the Norse be at their feet. Rest well Caledonia.


Cosus (2), Golddon (2), Huleo (4), Hune (1), Izulde (1), Kagera (3), Poppa (2), Uma (1), Zoof (2)

11th Year, 3rd Moon, 18th Day: Realm: Hibernia
The Foolish Dwarf

I managed to sneak past the night watch tonight and get back inside Druim Ligen. I have received word from my sister Uan that it is no longer safe to travel near Hibernian Guards. It seems that my love for Elyzaria has been declared as treason, punishable by death.

I remained in Caledonia hiding away from the keep guards most of the past few days. While in Caledonia I spent a lot of time hunting with Elyzaria. One in particular fight I used myself as bait and we ran across a loan Skald by the name of Rilne. I turned and acted as though I was retreating. The skald ran up behind me and swung his sword at me. Right as he was about to stab me in the back I whipped around and placed both of my swords in his chest. He turned to run and there stood my dearest Elyzaria with a quick stab to the throat. The Dwarfs limp body fell to the floor. Elyzaria had the cutest smile on her face. I knew she was thinking the same thing as I. ″Foolish Dwarf″... He must have been real surprised to have a mage turn around and stab him in the chest.

The battles in Caledonia have grown rather tame to those of the past week. I fear my time here is coming to an end. Caledonia's doors will only be open to me a few more days. I must make the best of them. I have decided that until I am forced to leave I will continue my hunt for the Shadowblade Redar and also the Skald Rilne. I shall enjoy holding Rilne's organs in my hand. Well I fear the guards will find me soon I best leave before I am noticed.


Aucan (1), Huleo (1), Hullglizia (1), Lararb (1), Mychial (2), Ramaras (1), Rilne (2), Skhar (1), Veratos (1), Vhellgrin (1), Vordka (1)

11th Year, 3rd Moon, 15th Day: Realm: Hibernia
The Mark

It was a long 5 days that passed since my last battle with Redar. I feared he long gone from the lands of Caledonia. Today our paths crossed. It was during a keep siege that I ran across this elusive Kobold Shadowblade. After studying the environment I realized he did not have a healer to meant his wounds and that left a weakness. I quickly applied diseases to my blades and struck him with them as he ran by. I then regained my strength crept into the keep and waylaid him right on Caledonia's doorstep. His body fell limp to the floor and I bolted out of the keep as fast as the wind could carry me. The whole time a flurry of arrows whisked by me. I managed to escape with enough life left to mend my wounds. My job was done I had slain my mark.

This week my next mark has been given to me. His name is Sildid, yet another shadowblade, cept this one favors axes over blades. He managed to get the upper hand on me at our first meeting but I returned to let him know I am hunting him. I''m sure this one will be much more playful than Redar. If nothing else he should be easier to find.

All in all I laid to rest nine Norseman today. A good number for a good day. It was a very enjoyable day filled with sieges and many battles. It also will be forever held as a very special day as it was the day I proposed to my dearest Elyzaria. I led her and some of her friends out into the woods to a quiet place and presented her with a golden ring I bought from a jewelry shop in Tir na Nog. Her eyes lit up and she leaned over giving me a huge hug, nearly swishing me in the process, followed by a very passionate kiss and a definite yes.

I do know that the road ahead is not one that shall be liked by many. But my mother always told me. Follow your heart wherever it leads you, and that is exactly what I plan to do. I may not be liked for loving a Briton, but truthfully what's different. People hate that which they don't understand. They hide behind anger and rage and start wars just because they don't understand why people from other places are they way they are. Half the time Hibernians don't understand who I am and where I come from. They sooner cut my heart out than find out. But that's just they way people are I guess.


Ameid (1), Garalk (1), Giermagnus (1), Izulde (1), Poppa (1), Redar (1), Sildid (1), Unaval (1), Veratos (1)

11th Year, 3rd Moon, 13th Day: Realm: Hibernia
Hunting Redar

For the past week I have turned Caledonia upside down tracking a Shadowblade by the name of Redar. For weeks he has terrorized the people of Caledonia and for weeks he has taken lives of Hibernian men and women. Over the course of the past week I have encountered him 4 times. To date I have only slain him once. I am quite certain he is using a sleeper to channel their energies to protect him. Several times I have gotten him within his last breath and he manages to pull through. It was after the third loss that I decided to call upon my very own sleeper to even the playing field. Unfortunately during the past 3 days I have not been able to follow his trail. I fear his time is up in Caledonia and he will not return. Redar has proven to be a most formidable opponent and for this I shall keep his picture close and continue tracking him as I move forward in my learning.

During my stay in Caledonia I did manage to mark a few more graves. Seventeen to be exact. One battle I single handily laid to rest a Troll Healer, Shadowblade and a Hunter. How, I am unsure. Twas defiantly a blessing from the God's that kept me with the living. I should try not to be so clumsy in the future.

I finished my week by traveling to Ardee and having a pint with Brumhilda and Uan at the pub. Was quite nice to see my sister. I hadn't seen her in nearly 2 moons. After having a few drinks I attended a class on tracking and have improved my abilities in detecting lurkers. I can now track hunters with greater speed and efficacy.


Barbos (1), Dakrar (1), Frelam (3), Huleo (1), Lothren (1), Oddimrd (1), Rrutroo (2), Skhar (3), Vostad (1), Wylann (3)

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Anneo (7), Huleo (6), Theorn (5), Frelam (4), High Mage Dispers (4), Rrutroo (4), Skhar (4), Groiltigh (3), Helenne (3), Jeagersa (3), Kagera (3), Poppa (3), Rataco (3), Rellnik (3), Wylann (3), Absyn (2), Alladlas (2), Badwell (2), Baneborne (2), Brogema (2), Chaos (2), Cosus (2), Elestial (2), Frigan (2), Golddon (2), Grotte (2), Gudlaug (2), Haisien (2), Igney (2), Izulde (2), Kaoru (2), Kazahd (2), Lethpurr (2), Lijarin (2), Logighosta (2), Lynar (2), Mindalis (2), Mordziek (2), mrs mage (2), Mychial (2), Myrist (2), Pint (2), Redar (2), Rian (2), Rilne (2), Sann Syn (2), Savengriff (2), Shinobiwan (2), Sorynne (2), Squeaker (2), Tree Kitten (2), Useethius (2), Veratos (2), Waije (2), Zoof (2), Zutun (2), Acell (1), Adey (1), Alexios (1), Aluren (1), Ameid (1), Andromedar (1), Antirae Turanthius (1), Archie Of Oz (1), Ashkanian (1), Askubor (1), Aucan (1), Backstabber (1), Barata (1), Barbos (1), Bearhof (1), Bestar (1), Bicarat (1), Bij (1), Black Oriah (1), Bloodsister (1), Bordica (1), Boulviz (1), Bre Tanya (1), Brragii (1), Bruda (1), Caull (1), Celiana (1), Cenewulf (1), Chavere (1), Choptilyadropx (1), Chow'Chow (1), Cibo (1), Corstaad (1), Cowpie (1), Culthbert (1), Cutt (1), Dabrak (1), Dakrar (1), Dark Adherent (1), Decap (1), Devikalia (1), Divayne (1), Donlinshadhbh (1), Dra'Thur (1), Draugnir (1), droopyloc (1), Elekor (1), Elementalrose (1), Elgoran (1), Eniolous (1), Erleros (1), Estue (1), Ethaleth (1), Faby (1), Fafri (1), Faighden (1), fendelhigh (1), Festugax (1), Fiercewind (1), Firache (1), Fuelose (1), Fyggynd (1), Fyonal (1), Garalk (1), Giermagnus (1), Glaretheon (1), Glithor (1), Gnyra (1), Gonz (1), Gonzoku (1), Gotdevonnips (1), Graech (1), Gronat (1), Gurius (1), Harabec (1), Hazcorith (1), Heargrund (1), Hermes (1), Hidux (1), Hullglizia (1), Hune (1), Illthane (1), Ithacaris (1), jace nightshade (1), Jangles (1), Jason Fox Good (1), Jaxcast (1), Jerilynn (1), Jet the Fin (1), Joashi (1), Joetempesta (1), Joridgend (1), Joro (1), Jukka Koskinen (1), Just a horse (1), Kaark (1), Kaiyn (1), Kasgorath (1), Keiix (1), Kelaruk (1), Kerenski (1), Khaz'mek (1), Khornne (1), Kingbrawler (1), Kingspartacus (1), Kiselvir (1), Kiusata (1), Kizo (1), Kneel Down Boy (1), kohlthebreton (1), Krakdar (1), Krator (1), Ktlunt (1), Lararb (1), Larris (1), Laseeen (1), Leren (1), Lobo (1), Lothren (1), ma'sarr (1), Maiq The Lier (1), Malcie (1), Masks Stormlord (1), Master Killswitch (1), Merked (1), Mi'Mosa (1), Mikaja (1), Misakichi (1), Missheals (1), Monkadoodie (1), MrEddard Stark (1), Myird (1), Mykiel (1), Nalkor (1), Nazomi (1), Nerevyr (1), Nibbles Mckittens (1), Novuelvoaemainsinbu (1), Nyneve (1), Oddimrd (1), Oehn (1), Ogskar (1), Okeanos (1), Onyx Falcon (1), Orca (1), Otello (1), Ouin (1), Oxen-Face (1), Pain In The Axe (1), Payne (1), Pazx (1), Pharbella (1), Phil Good (1), Picantilla (1), Pickette (1), Praemeth (1), Prel (1), Psolovrontis (1), Qelii (1), Qev (1), Radugor (1), Raegnor (1), Ramaras (1), Renlin (1), Ronweasly (1), Rorhall (1), Rose silver (1), Rotheryn (1), Runs Away Screaming (1), Sabazious (1), Sabus (1), Salebric (1), Sawzbawz (1), Shaey (1), Shamao (1), Sildid (1), Sinful While Stealthed (1), Solarah (1), Sorionn (1), Spartacus (1), Spawnicus (1), Sythras (1), tagoutx (1), Tallya (1), Targonne (1), Tasselhoff Proudfoot (1), Tenthgate (1), Terex (1), Tesfaye (1), The Shadow Liger (1), Thromback (1), Thuerg (1), Thyndra (1), Tierlas (1), Tomac Shadowdancer (1), Tostymus (1), Trings (1), Truckboattruck (1), Tsaddiq (1), Twin-Eyes (1), Uhran (1), Uma (1), Unaval (1), Vaalfern (1), Vahkris (1), Vantaage (1), Vatna (1), Vemund (1), Venholm (1), Vhellgrin (1), Virion (1), Voltari (1), Volwrath (1), Vorador (1), Vordka (1), Voshie (1), Vostad (1), Vurakan (1), Waahnoldgrumpf (1), White-Rush (1), WhoLamli (1), Wikser (1), Wolf Michaelson (1), Wonder Woman (1), Wudiam (1), Yamboozie (1), Zaou Shugen (1)

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