The Memoirs of Renny Conchobair

The Hunt Journal

16th Year, 3rd Moon, 20th Day: Realm: Telara
No Sign of Garn in Freemarch

I woke in cold sweats again. The dreams grow more intense. I swear I could smell the taint of burnt flesh and felt my mothers burning hand against my face. When will the dreams end. Why do they torment me. Have I not sacrificed enough. How many more must I kill to appease the souls of my tribe. Where is Garm and why can I not find him.

I searched all over Freemarch over the past 2 days questioning the Defiant on Garm's whereabouts. Some I spared and let live, others became enraged when I asked and attacked me. On the first day Elestial started attacking me on first sight. I threw some blinding powder in their eyes and escaped. I watched as they fought from a near by vacant building. Seeing as they were wearing leather armor I opted for the blades and put away my axe and mace. Stabbing through leather is quite simple and it's very rare that the blade doesn't puncture the leather. Slashing toward leather typically ends badly. So I took out my Daggers.

With a quick stab to the kidneys Elestial fell to a knee. I then cut their throat while three other Defiant watched in horror. I dropped a rose on Elestials grave and vanished into the rain. I went an honed my skills in a few more training warfronts and came back to the same spot where I bled out Elestial to find them back with the living and shouting at the top of his lungs. He had placed a trap for me the little bugger. He changed his tactics a bit and hid his pet around a tree. He attempted to set up this elaborate ambush for me and I couldn't resist putting him down again. I snuck up blinded his pig and laid him to rest even quicker than the first time. I picked up the rose which I left the first time and placed it again on his grave hoping maybe this time he would not return. I'd hate to have to slay the lad again. He was defiantly a lively character though.

I wandered a bit more and found a lad who did not take well to my questioning. He attacked me thinking I was a mage, as I was dressed as one. I threw some blinding powder and ran behind a tree. I changed my clothes and weapons and vanished before he regained his vision. He wandered away from his help and I saw an opening. I put him down quickly and in process a lad by the name Decap decided to attack. I threw blinding power in his eyes and escaped. I tracked Decap half way across the map. He was constantly surrounded by the company of 6 friends until he came to a fork in the road. That is where I saw my opportunity to strike. His friends left him behind for a few moments and in those moments I took his life. His friends returned to find his corpse and rose. They scattered looking for me but I know better than to stick around the scene of death. Crows always follow in deaths trail.

I ventured off and found myself in the middle of a bunch of Defiants who quickly opted to attack me. Trings chased me down and put the hurt on me. Trings was a big sturdy fellow who had me out skilled by a long shot. He was a towering giant that had quite a bit more experience than I had. But none the less, he signed his own grave by attacking me. I stalked him and noticed a few weaknesses in his armor. His shoulder straps were nearly worn through exposing a place to slash and place a gash in his strong arm that would level the field. Also his right knee was exposed from the previous fight. I sat and waited until the opportune moment and then into battle a ran. He was focused an another creature when I struck. Already wounded and bleeding I quickly slashed with my blades at his right knee giving him a limp. He turned to face me and I struck the shoulder breaking free his shoulder pad and placing a gash in his shoulder. Blood trickled down his blade as he swung it at me. I ducked and countered with a stab to his abdomen. The giant fell and on his body I placed a rose.

I decided to rest up and placed myself on my perch overlooking Meridian. The next day I came across some Defiant and attempted to question them. Glithor attacked and sent me on a quick trip through the Otherworld. Glithor signed his own death certificate. I stalked him for a good while watching his moves, his weapon preference and who he kept company with. His healer friend Leren followed him around like a companion. I watched and waited. Alas Glithor and Leren separated and I made my move on Glithor. He was nearly dead when Leren showed back up. Again I passed through the otherworld and found my way back to the land of the living. I tracked these two across the map. Knowing I would not be able to slay Glithor so long as Leren lived He was my first target. They came upon a death rift and fittingly I decided this would be their death. I crept up on Leren as Glithor was busy fighting legion after legion of undead. I quickly dispatched Leren and then began attacking Glithor, both of them perished and then the undead focused on me. I tossed roses on each of there graves and let death embrace me. I took my leave of the battlefield after that and spent some time sharpening my weapons and restocking my pack. The hunt was good and 7 souls sent to the otherworld. I hope the nightmares end soon. Still no sign of Garm. He has to be out here somewhere. Memories


Decap (1), Elestial (2), Glithor (1), Hermes (1), Leren (1), Trings (1)

16th Year, 1st Moon, 22nd Day: Realm: Telara
Blood on the Daisies of Freemarch

I woke on this 22nd day of the first moon with a goal. I had spent enough time in the Black Garden training ground and have begun feeling conformable with my new form. My wounds have all healed up with the help of Moowi and Darkmist and we came up with the idea of sneaking over to Freemarch using an old pirates route. The waters we had to swim in were freezing cold and we had to do our best to avoid the stiffness that comes from the cold. We took refuge in a tower to warm up for a while and then made the final swim over to the shores of Freemarch.

The land of Freemarch reminds me a lot of Hibernia. The lands were lush and green, flowers and wildlife brought life to the land. We tried to familiarize ourselves with the land when our first mark made himself known. Truckboattruck attacked us while we attempted to help a lower level player complete his quest to close a Rift. While enemies this young lad looked to need a hand. That's when Truckboattruck decided to attack. I recentered myself and made my approach. Shortly after laying into him he used a portal which took him to another area. Darkmist and I waited for him while Moowi scouted out the surrounding areas. Within about 10 minutes he returned and vengeance was mine. I bled him out and the grass below my feet had been tainted by the blood of this defiant. Knowing he would summon help we headed deeper into the Defiant zone. Thats when Lynar and Voltari attacked us and we slayed them with great ease. Lynar even came back for seconds.

We continued traveling and actually met some friendly Defiant near a village. We traded stories and made our way. We ended up killing Chaos a couple times then moved off into a low trafficked area to camp for a while. When I woke I managed to hunt a few more and sent them back to their maker. Overall my hunt was a good learning experience. It was nice to feel the warmth of blood again and I look forward to hunting again. From what I can tell Garm did come to Meridian and is rallying troops for some reason. I must find him and put him to rest before he does to Sanctum what he did to Failte.


Bloodsister (1), Chaos (2), Frigan (2), Joetempesta (1), Kelaruk (1), Lynar (2), Truckboattruck (1), Vatna (1), Voltari (1)

16th Year, 1st Moon, 11th Day: Realm: Telara
The Arrival

My bones grow weary. It has been many seasons since I first set on my quest to free the souls of my tribe and allow them to finally rest. My travels have taken me from Hibernia, into Midgard, then through a magical device which lead me into chaos wastes. I have tracked Garm across lands near and far and still to date I have not found him. The last lead on his location has lead me to the Devil's Backbone where I found to yet another portal.

Now these portals, they do a number on you. The last time I went through one of these I grew a foot and found myself standing next to naked, with nothing more than some torn rags draping over my body. I was smack dab right in the middle of town. By the time I came too a Warrior priest gave me shelter and some new clothes. My head didn't stop hurting for weeks. Needless to say I was not looking forward to this one. I mean a portal in ″The Devil's Backbone″ this certainly can't be good. So In I went hoping to not come out the other side a rat or with three arms. With a moment of hesitation and a quick trip to stock up on supplies I entered the portal.

As the ringing in my ears faded and my vision returned I found myself in the middle of a great battle. Bodies laid to rest across miles and miles of terrain. As far as my eyes could see. The grass was paved in blood and it appeared the sky itself was bleeding. I reached for my blades but before I could the world went dark. I had been slain by a some giant demon named Regolos. The Gods of this strange land have taken pity on me and filled my chest with air once again.

In exchange for life I have been tasked with preventing the demise of this world by stopping the Defiant from harnessing the Rifts which plague the lands. I now stand battered and bruised but healing in Methosadia. The good news is that while I was at the local tavern I overheard an scout speak of a strange figure which appeared out of the sky and vanished into the fog just south of my location. This just may be the elusive Garm. I shall mend my wounds and familiarize myself with these locals and see what information I can collect about this shadowy figure.



About Renny Conchobair

Follow the memoirs of Renny Conchobair as he journeys through distant realms protecting the very fabric of space and time. Recruited by the Mother Oak as a guardian, he travels to distant worlds in hunt of the Jarl Garm who seeks to acquire the powerful relics of the lifestream.

There are 4 relics in each world that provide balance to their world. Removing one of these artifacts will cause unrest, sickness, and violence. Removing two will send the world into a shroud of darkness. If three should be removed, all life shall be wiped away from existence. The fourth will result it total destruction of that plane of existence.

It is up to Renny Conchobair to retrieve the Sword of Nuada and return it to earth and stop the power hungry Jarl Garm from collecting the other artifacts before it is too late.

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Anneo (7), Huleo (6), Theorn (5), Frelam (4), High Mage Dispers (4), Rrutroo (4), Skhar (4), Groiltigh (3), Helenne (3), Jeagersa (3), Kagera (3), Poppa (3), Rataco (3), Rellnik (3), Wylann (3), Absyn (2), Alladlas (2), Badwell (2), Baneborne (2), Brogema (2), Chaos (2), Cosus (2), Elestial (2), Frigan (2), Golddon (2), Grotte (2), Gudlaug (2), Haisien (2), Igney (2), Izulde (2), Kaoru (2), Kazahd (2), Lethpurr (2), Lijarin (2), Logighosta (2), Lynar (2), Mindalis (2), Mordziek (2), mrs mage (2), Mychial (2), Myrist (2), Pint (2), Redar (2), Rian (2), Rilne (2), Sann Syn (2), Savengriff (2), Shinobiwan (2), Sorynne (2), Squeaker (2), Tree Kitten (2), Useethius (2), Veratos (2), Waije (2), Zoof (2), Zutun (2), Acell (1), Adey (1), Alexios (1), Aluren (1), Ameid (1), Andromedar (1), Antirae Turanthius (1), Archie Of Oz (1), Ashkanian (1), Askubor (1), Aucan (1), Backstabber (1), Barata (1), Barbos (1), Bearhof (1), Bestar (1), Bicarat (1), Bij (1), Black Oriah (1), Bloodsister (1), Bordica (1), Boulviz (1), Bre Tanya (1), Brragii (1), Bruda (1), Caull (1), Celiana (1), Cenewulf (1), Chavere (1), Choptilyadropx (1), Chow'Chow (1), Cibo (1), Corstaad (1), Cowpie (1), Culthbert (1), Cutt (1), Dabrak (1), Dakrar (1), Dark Adherent (1), Decap (1), Devikalia (1), Divayne (1), Donlinshadhbh (1), Dra'Thur (1), Draugnir (1), droopyloc (1), Elekor (1), Elementalrose (1), Elgoran (1), Eniolous (1), Erleros (1), Estue (1), Ethaleth (1), Faby (1), Fafri (1), Faighden (1), fendelhigh (1), Festugax (1), Fiercewind (1), Firache (1), Fuelose (1), Fyggynd (1), Fyonal (1), Garalk (1), Giermagnus (1), Glaretheon (1), Glithor (1), Gnyra (1), Gonz (1), Gonzoku (1), Gotdevonnips (1), Graech (1), Gronat (1), Gurius (1), Harabec (1), Hazcorith (1), Heargrund (1), Hermes (1), Hidux (1), Hullglizia (1), Hune (1), Illthane (1), Ithacaris (1), jace nightshade (1), Jangles (1), Jason Fox Good (1), Jaxcast (1), Jerilynn (1), Jet the Fin (1), Joashi (1), Joetempesta (1), Joridgend (1), Joro (1), Jukka Koskinen (1), Just a horse (1), Kaark (1), Kaiyn (1), Kasgorath (1), Keiix (1), Kelaruk (1), Kerenski (1), Khaz'mek (1), Khornne (1), Kingbrawler (1), Kingspartacus (1), Kiselvir (1), Kiusata (1), Kizo (1), Kneel Down Boy (1), kohlthebreton (1), Krakdar (1), Krator (1), Ktlunt (1), Lararb (1), Larris (1), Laseeen (1), Leren (1), Lobo (1), Lothren (1), ma'sarr (1), Maiq The Lier (1), Malcie (1), Masks Stormlord (1), Master Killswitch (1), Merked (1), Mi'Mosa (1), Mikaja (1), Misakichi (1), Missheals (1), Monkadoodie (1), MrEddard Stark (1), Myird (1), Mykiel (1), Nalkor (1), Nazomi (1), Nerevyr (1), Nibbles Mckittens (1), Novuelvoaemainsinbu (1), Nyneve (1), Oddimrd (1), Oehn (1), Ogskar (1), Okeanos (1), Onyx Falcon (1), Orca (1), Otello (1), Ouin (1), Oxen-Face (1), Pain In The Axe (1), Payne (1), Pazx (1), Pharbella (1), Phil Good (1), Picantilla (1), Pickette (1), Praemeth (1), Prel (1), Psolovrontis (1), Qelii (1), Qev (1), Radugor (1), Raegnor (1), Ramaras (1), Renlin (1), Ronweasly (1), Rorhall (1), Rose silver (1), Rotheryn (1), Runs Away Screaming (1), Sabazious (1), Sabus (1), Salebric (1), Sawzbawz (1), Shaey (1), Shamao (1), Sildid (1), Sinful While Stealthed (1), Solarah (1), Sorionn (1), Spartacus (1), Spawnicus (1), Sythras (1), tagoutx (1), Tallya (1), Targonne (1), Tasselhoff Proudfoot (1), Tenthgate (1), Terex (1), Tesfaye (1), The Shadow Liger (1), Thromback (1), Thuerg (1), Thyndra (1), Tierlas (1), Tomac Shadowdancer (1), Tostymus (1), Trings (1), Truckboattruck (1), Tsaddiq (1), Twin-Eyes (1), Uhran (1), Uma (1), Unaval (1), Vaalfern (1), Vahkris (1), Vantaage (1), Vatna (1), Vemund (1), Venholm (1), Vhellgrin (1), Virion (1), Voltari (1), Volwrath (1), Vorador (1), Vordka (1), Voshie (1), Vostad (1), Vurakan (1), Waahnoldgrumpf (1), White-Rush (1), WhoLamli (1), Wikser (1), Wolf Michaelson (1), Wonder Woman (1), Wudiam (1), Yamboozie (1), Zaou Shugen (1)

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