The Setting

Tree of Life

Renny Conchobair was a young boy when the warbands of Valhalla invaded his homelands. Lead by the Jarl Garm, the Norse invaded Conchobair's home of Failte. They brutally murdered his tribe as he and the other children watched from a cage. After witnessing his mother engulfed in flames, flesh dripping from her charred remains, Renny managed to escape with the other children of Failte by picking a lock to their cage.

After years of training and preparing for the battle ahead, Renny took to the battlefield in a great hunt to seek out those responsible and put an end to their tyranny. But what Renny found was not revenge. He found purpose. In a chance encounter with Garm, Renny discovered the Mother Oak many have called the Tree of Life.

The Mother Oak changed everything. Renny was accepted by the Oak and the doors of knowledge were opened to him. Renny learned that the Mother Oak was time and space itself. Where he thought life was a straight line, we live, we die, we begin, we end. He learned that our lives do not end, they continue in another form in another plain of existence. Our life travels in a full circle.

Our time now is set to repeat itself millions of years from now. It an endless loop of energy that keeps the Mother Oak alive. We're born from the roots, Grow to the trunk, Live through the branches, and retire to the leaves, as we pass on we fall back to the ground to provide nutrients for the roots so that we can begin again.

Furthermore, Earth is but one branch on a vast tree. There are thousands of branches and thousands of different worlds constantly repeating. Our souls travel between these worlds naturally as we shed our bodies at the end of our lives. Souls consume memories to produce energy. Each time they begin anew in a new form they sacrifice their past to live once again.

There were some, the ancients who had artifacts of great power that allowed them to travel through the mother oak from world to world assuming different forms in each and being able to pass from one to the next.

The Jarl Garm knew how to make that jump while living. Through Norse magic he managed to take his warband from one world to the next collecting artifacts of power from each world. He seeks absolute power and will stop at nothing to obtain it.

The Mother Oak presented Renny with a purpose. To hunt Garm's Warband and see to it that his reign is stopped before acquires too much power. Renny will travel through the mother oak to different times and places, and follow the trail and put a stop to Garm and restore balance to the Mother Oak. This is the story of the an orphan and the tree of life.

Common Terms

The Mother Oak - The source of all life. It connects the universes together and ensures that souls within each world continue to live on through it's care.

Seers - Hand chosen by the Mother Oak to watch over a realm and protect it with one of four artifacts of great power.

Guardians - Chosen by the Mother Oak to travel between realms righting wrongs and keeping the balance of power.

The Sword of Nuada - Originally owned by the high king Nuada from Findias, it was lost after the First Battle of Moyturna where Sreng cut Nuada's hand off. It is said that this artifact contains the ability to control a persons mind. Granting them unconditional courage and absence of fear. It can also cause anguish and pain to those it is thrust upon. No man has ever survived being cut by it's blade.

The Lia Fáil - The stone of destiny. This stone possesses great knowledge and has been used to crown the kings of Inisfail. It originally under the care of Seer Ogham from Falias an island off the northern coast of Inisfail.

The Spear of Lug - Protected by the Seer Lugh the Spear comes from Goirias and it is said that no battle was ever sustained against it, or against the man who held it.

The Cauldron of Dagda - Protected by the Seer Dagda the Cauldron comes from Muirias and it is said that no company ever went away from it unsatisfied.

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