The Memoirs of Renny Conchobair

The Hunt Journal

11th Year, 3rd Moon, 9th Day: Realm: Hibernia
Alas A Moment of Rest

Once again it has been several moons since I have managed to rest. Caledonia fell under siege once again. Over 3 days Midgards, Hibernians and Albion have claimed possession of Caledonia. Blood has been spilt non-stop over the past few days and I have been rather busy. I am very tired from my battles and think I will seek refuge in the barracks tonight. Tomorrow I must wake and sharpen my daggers for the battles ahead.

On the third night I did see Elyzaria once again. Her smile was a kind welcome. I also met some of her comrades Tomi, Asmirond, Altnumil, Kaliel, and Carcer. They all seem like a nice bunch except for their liking to kill Hibernians. Their sparing me was a kind act compared to the butchering earlier this week I took from the people of Albion. Sometimes its really hard to keep my oath, but then I think. What is worst... Death... or disappointing my people's spirits, or yet worse. the gods. I do hope my people are proud and I hope tonight they will let me rest in peace. May the Gods watch over their spirits, and protect my dearest Elyzaria.


Barata (1), Bearhof (1), Boulviz (1), Caull (1), Divayne (1), Gurius (1), Jangles (1), Kazahd (2), Ogskar (1), Qelii (1), Radugor (1), Rian (2), Sorionn (1)

11th Year, 3rd Moon, 4th Day: Realm: Hibernia
The Pale Moon

The moon was as pale as a fresh coat of snow tonight as Hibernians, Norsemen, and Albion collided in a gigantic battle that would leave hundreds dead and several wounded. As I scaled the wall of Caledonia a severed torso nearly pealed me off of my rope. The clashing of metal on metal and ripping of flesh cause my blood to boil with anticipation. Caledonia had turned to an all out free for all.

This weeks mark was Anneo who I managed to slay four times over 2 days. I still have 3 days left this week. Perhaps I can send him home a couple more times this week before I choose a new mark. In all the fights were rather ruthless and gruesome. I saw many of my fellow Hibernians fall in some terrible fashions. Tis good that they all were wearing their bindstones though I cant imagine the pain they must have felt as the axe blades severed their every limbs.

Its terrible what goes on in Caledonia but the fight must rage on. I have not seen Elyzaria in several days. I do hope she is safe. Alas it is time to rest. Till next time.


Anneo (4), Fiercewind (1), Jeagersa (2), Jerilynn (1), Joridgend (1), Redar (1), Volwrath (1)

11th Year, 2nd Moon, 26th Day: Realm: Hibernia
My Return to Caledonia

Much had changed in the time passed. The winter had passed and new blossoms filled the trees of Caledonia. Midgard banners flew over the keep and hordes of savages roamed the land. My first objective was to estimate the force I was up against. How many Albion roamed, whether they were friend or foe, and where were the Midgards were lurking. I began on my usual patrol of the Midgard keep, the Midgard rivers, the Midgard bridge, and Caledonia keep. It was at the keep I first found a loan Kobold standing watch at the keep gates. I noticed him nodding away slowly and waited. I closed in on him and before he realized I was standing in front of him I took my staff and executed a fierce upward slam on him causing his neck to snap backwards with a loud snap sound. His body fell limp to the floor and I fled from the scene. I returned to place the flowers on his grave and noticed a Shadowblade lurking near. I quickly made way towards the Hibenrian bridge.

The battles intensified from there and the war Caledonia returned to an all out massacre. By the third day I had slain 34 Norseman. I briefly returned the Hibernian stronghold to med my wounds and get a warm meal. I plan to return later tonight at attempt to seek out more fresh blood.


Badwell (2), Bicarat (1), Culthbert (1), Draugnir (1), Elgoran (1), Firache (1), Fyggynd (1), Gonz (1), Hidux (1), Illthane (1), Jeagersa (1), Joro (1), Kaoru (2), Keiix (1), Kiselvir (1), Orca (1), Qev (1), Rellnik (3), Rorhall (1), Savengriff (2), Shinobiwan (1), Vemund (1), Zutun (2)

11th Year, 2nd Moon, 23rd Day: Realm: Hibernia
A Moon Later

Tis been nearly a moon since I last visited my journal in Druim Ligen. I have been venturing the country side and practicing my Alchemy. After sitting down with Clioe and Danthe for an Ale we decided to take a trip to Failte and pay respects to our families graves.

Neither had been to Failte since that wretched day. The road was long and filled with danger. The Norse and Albion were actively sieging our frontier and the rain was hammering us as we trekked forward. As we passed Dun Ailinne a group of Siabra attempted to rob us. Bravely Danthe stepped up and told Clioe and I to keep going. He asked I place a scroll on his fathers grave and told me to hurry before he gets mad and puts an arrow in my arse. That boy sure does have a way with words! Last I heard of Danthe he was laughing as he pummeled the bunch of lackeys. I'm sure they learned a fine lesson in how to get ye arse beat.

After about 2 days Clioe and I finally arrived safely at Failte. The village still was overrun by spirits and I could see my efforts to free them have not come with much success. Perhaps they will only rest when I finally slay Garm. Regardless I must continue on bravely and attempt to set their souls free. We then made way to our parents graves to the southeast of Failte. Clioe and I sat on a log for many hours reminiscing about the fun we had pretending that the log we sat on was a grand ship that took us to far away lands. We spent the eve there and made way back to Drium Ligen the next morning.



11th Year, 2nd Moon, 2nd Day: Realm: Hibernia
The Bloodbath

The sky over Caledonia was painted red with blood this eve. As the sun set the bloodshed began. Hibernian's and Albion alike slammed into the Midgard owned Caledonia Keep. I made my first kill on the road to the Midgard Bridge. I found Voshie, a spirit master, running alone to the Midgard stronghold. I carefully hid behind a tree and when she least expected it jumped out and thrust my knives into her throat spraying the soil with kobold blood. Her blood was warm and a bit sweet. I saw her brown eyes roll to the back of her head as she fell limp to the floor. I laid her onto the ground and carefully placed a flower on her grave. It was then that Elyzaria found me. She crept up next to and carefully embraced me and my blood soaked leather armor. She gently gave me a kiss on the cheek and then snuck off. We tormented a handful of Norsemen for the rest of the night and finally bid each other farewell and went our separate ways. I do hope my family found at least one of 10 Norsemen I had slain. I fear my people grow angry with the slow pace of my revenge. I must speed up the pace if I shall set them free.


Faby (1), Hazcorith (1), Heargrund (1), Helenne (3), Misakichi (1), Myird (1), Voshie (1)

11th Year, 2nd Moon, 1st Day: Realm: Hibernia
The Doors Opened

It has been days since the Norsemen came to Caledonia. Today alas I watched as to my dismay 14 Norsemen came flooding out of the Midgard keep. The battles were pretty routine as I slowly picked off a few as they fought a handful of Hibernians and a couple brave Albion. In all I managed to lay 3 to rest before I laid to rest this eve. It was a breath of fresh air being able to slay once again. My patience has paid off.


Absyn (1), Brogema (1), Sabus (1)

11th Year, 1st Moon, 28th Day: Realm: Hibernia
The Empty Keep

The daggers I wield can not be sharpened any further. I have paced the grounds for countless hours and yet I have seen one Valkyn Bonedancer by the name of Brogema. He came out late at night with a Berserker and I managed to stalk him for a good while before Giacoma and I laid him to rest. Once he had been slain the keep grew quiet again. The Midgards seem to be less dominant these days perhaps they are becoming afraid of Caledonia, or perhaps they are all working on their studies. I sure hope these gates bring more trolls to these lands for their blood needs to be spilt. For now I will sit and wait, perhaps ill go fishing where the Hibernian Soil and Midgard Soil meet. I hear the fish there are wonderful. I often find the Albions traveling there to catch their supper.


Brogema (1)

11th Year, 1st Moon, 27th Day: Realm: Hibernia
My Return to Caledonia

Several days have passed since I last walked the lands of Caledonia. I decided to pay my parents grave a visit so that I might collect some more flowers from the fields nearby. The ruins are being over run by weeds now and slowly fading into the landscape. I fear soon it will be but a memory.

Today I decided to travel back to Caledonia to wreak havoc on the local Midgards roaming about... and that is exactly what I did. I stalked the Midgard keep for the first few hours of the day before I decided to roam for a bit. I managed to take down 13 Midgards today. I'm sure my family will be most pleased. I did not however see Elyzaria today, I hope she is not ill. I'm sure she will be around again soon.


Anneo (3), Gudlaug (2), Haisien (2), Novuelvoaemainsinbu (1), Picantilla (1), Rrutroo (2), Squeaker (2), Sythras (1)

11th Year, 1st Moon, 23rd Day: Realm: Hibernia
The Albion Goddess Elyzaria Returns

Tonight was the first night that the beautiful blond hair blue armor wearing Infiltrator by the name of Elyzaria made her presence known to me in Caledonia. What a night at that. It was good to see her alas and I see the many seasons past since our days in Thidranki have helped her grow into quite a remarkable woman. Her eyes still shined like sapphires and her soft touch still makes the hairs on my neck stand on end. It was very nice to finally see her again. Most of the night we crept about hunting the heathens who were attempting to take the currently Albion occupied Caledonia keep. I managed to slay a handful on my own as well as some with my fellow family members Rheyah and Bondon. My good friend Filidas also joined Elyzaria and I most of the night.

All in all the night was pretty routine. Midgards sieging the keep, Albions defending, and Hibernians Waylaying anyone they can get their hands on. I made some pretty remarkable kills while inside the Albion occupied keep which im sure will get me noticed, especially by Zimzum an Albion who I managed to save on the Caledonia wall. I also managed to hijack a seige ram the Midgards were using to tear down the door. By sabotaging it I managed to prevent them from getting in and gave the Hibernians time to ambush them. I think I will take out my flask and rest here for the night. There shall be many battles coming in the next few days I should be well rested for.


Askubor (1), Fafri (1), Frelam (1), Fyonal (1), Larris (1), Raegnor (1), Shinobiwan (1), Thuerg (1)

11th Year, 1st Moon, 22nd Day: Realm: Hibernia
Hunting the Hunter

Today I took a trip into town to get some of my equipment blessed by a local Alchemist. I had lunch at the Gaiscioch house in Fanach Mala and then made way back to Caledonia for a brief hunt. I managed to track down and slay a Kobold Hunter by the name of Pint, who far exceeded his stay in Caledonia. He managed to get a resurrection after the first time but soon after he stood again I swiftly placed my daggers into his spine. I think even Anu heard the crunch of his spine on that one. Needless to say he was well on his way home to Midgard after that one. After slaying the hunter I wandered for a short while and decided to catch some sleep.


Pint (2)

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