The Memoirs of Renny Conchobair

The Hunt Continues
Fridays at 11PM Pacific
September 2016

The Hunt Journal

11th Year, 1st Moon, 19th Day: Realm: Hibernia
The Hunt for Theorn

A Kobold Shaman stepped from the gates of the Midgard keep. Wandering around the protected lands for quite a while, this suspecting kobold attempted to draw an opponent into the protective zone. I sat and waited, patiently like a child waiting for his mum to place his food on the table. For what seemed like forever I watched as he danced from one side to the other like one of the street performers in Tir na Nog. Alas he decided to step out of the range and attack a simple spider. My window opened and I moved in for the kill. As I snuck up upon him something made him alert and he escaped from my grasp. The next morning he came back and I was waiting. Again he danced around the protective area this time being as bold as an ox. I waited, and waited, and remained patient. Nearly 3 days had passed since I had slain my last Midgard and yet I have yet to experience a trip through the otherworld. He became secure with his surroundings and decided to make a run to the riverbed. Right when I thought I had once again let him escape he turned around and came back. I placed myself in his way and quickly thrust my daggers into he neck spilling blood onto the soil. He grabbed his neck and began to run but my poisons had him. I chased him down and with his last breath I thrust my dagger into his spine ripping the last life he had out of him. As his body fell to the ground I dropped a flower to remember my family.


Theorn (1)

11th Year, 1st Moon, 16th Day: Realm: Hibernia
First Blood on Caledonia

As I stepped out of the keep onto Caledonia soil, the rain hammered unto the ground like a blacksmith pounding his anvil. The ground was saturated with water causing my feet to stick in the mud. After a short while I caught the scent of troll heading towards Caledonia keep. I began to follow what looked to be a group of 18 Midgards heading to lay seige on the Albion held keep. Alas one young Frostalf Spiritmaster by the name of Okeanos chased the force dragging behind him a lost soul. His delay was his demise. I spilt his blood onto the soil near the archer hill and swiftly placed flowers at his grave. I do hope my family had time to find his soul before the Midgards managed to bring him back.

The night went on and I managed to slay 4 other midgards one of which twice. By nights end the keep had fallen, Midgard banners now shine high over Caledonia. I shall spend the night in the woods near the midgard keep waiting for another opportunity to slay another troll. Until next time.

Vengeance and Remembrance.
Fear the Dagger, Welcome the Rose.


Corstaad (1), Kiusata (1), Mordziek (2), Okeanos (1), Praemeth (1)

11th Year, 1st Moon, 12th Day: Realm: Hibernia

This morning I woke from under my usual tree, noticing the path towards the keep had been well traveled while I was away. I began following the tracks all the way to Caledonia's doors where I found about 14 Midgards sieging the now Hibernian ruled keep. One Kobold stood out among the others. He constantly was sending blessings to the other wounded soldiers and I knew, this was my mark of opportunity. I waited quite a while before an Albion mage sent his minions after the group and then fled the other way. The force of Midgards left the keep leaving my mark behind. While the healer casted his blessings I snuck up behind him quickly slitting his throat and spilling blood onto the cold riverbed. His body fell limp face down into the sand. I quickly made haste back to keep. Before I rested again I managed to slay one other. I shall return tonight to see if I might find a few more to slay.


Dabrak (1), Theorn (1)

11th Year, 1st Moon, 10th Day: Realm: Hibernia
Preperations Begin

The road has been long and tiresome. I have once again resurfaced with new skills and a better understanding of my foes. I look to Caledonia with much anticipation. It has been 11 seasons since I last spilt the blood of the Norse and many moons since my last entry.

Mi lady Twryhyggyr of the Gaiscioch na Anu family is placing her finishing touches on mi armor before I make way to Caledonia soil. A few more days stand between me and final test. The nightmares are growing worse. I keep having visions of my mother burning alive. Will these dreams ever cease? Perhaps Caledonia will bring me answers. Perhaps after I slay some more Norsemen my people will allow me to rest.



10th Year, 11th Moon, 29th Day: Realm: Hibernia
Cold night in Mount Collory

Tis the third night I have spent in Mount Collory this week. My techniques have been improving quite well, however the spraggonale's I have been slaying have been getting a bit shyer these past days. I think tonight I shall begin making way to Failte, so I can pay my respects before I continue my training. I hope to be on track and ready to enter Caledonia before the 15th day after the next moon. My thirst for the blood of the Midgards grow, as my nightmares are getting worse. Is there no escape from these memories? I must seek the answer, and one day when my family can rest in peace, perhaps these dreams will vanish. Blood Spilt: A couple spraggonale



About Renny Conchobair

Follow the memoirs of Renny Conchobair as he journeys through distant realms protecting the very fabric of space and time. Recruited by the Mother Oak as a guardian, he travels to distant worlds in hunt of the Jarl Garn who seeks to acquire the powerful relics of the lifestream.

There are 4 relics in each world that provide balance to their world. Removing one of these artifacts will cause unrest, sickness, and violence. Removing two will send the world into a shroud of darkness. If three should be removed, all life shall be wiped away from existence. The fourth will result it total destruction of that plane of existence.

It is up to Renny Conchobair to retrieve the Sword of Nuada and return it to earth and stop the power hungry Jarl Garn from collecting the other artifacts before it is too late.

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